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So someone wants you to do some research and you have the historical skills for the job? Great! And now comes the bit that your historical education did not prepare you for. How do you set up a relationship based on a simple set of agreements between you and your commissioner?

Rates of Pay

The rates of pay scale should be read in conjunction with the following notes, and alongside the article on scoping projects.

PHANZA recommends these rates as a guide only.

It is up to the individual researcher to decide their rate, based on their own experience, the nature of the project, the expectations of clients, and the state of the market.

Scoping Projects

Please write in letters of fire before your eyes: I am in business; this is not a hobby. If you do not charge what your work is worth you will go broke. It's that simple and you owe no one an apology for it. The suggestions that follow are distilled from ...

Code of Practice

PHANZA members have responsibilities to their clients, to those who provide information and materials, to the historical profession, to other professionals, and to the public.


Membership shall be by application to the Association and shall be decided by a Membership Sub-committee of the Executive Committee.

Those declined membership shall have the right of appeal to the Executive Committee of the Association. The appellant shall have the right to be represented at the appeal.

PHANZA Constitution

The name of the association shall be the Professional Historians' Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as 'the Association', or as 'PHANZA'.



Phanzine is the official newsletter of the Professional Historians' Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa. It appears 3 times a year, and contains news of public history matters, reports of key events affecting the public history community, news about members and public history institutions, reviews and notices.

Contributions for Phanzine can be sent to the editor.

Tax Information

Introduction to Business - contractors and small businesses. John Forde, Business Tax Information Officer, Inland Revenue ( presented this powerpoint display at the PHANZA workshop on 11 October 2008.