PHANZA Members

Link to Profile Name Surnamesort icon Region Specialities
John Adam John P Adam Auckland Heritage parks, gardens and historic cultural landscapes
Karen Astwood Karen Astwood Wellington Late 19th New Zealand museum collections, built heritage, engineering heritage
Neill Atkinson Neill Atkinson Wellington labour, politics, transport, social
Kristen Banaszak Kristen Banaszak Auckland Victorian and Edwardian urban British society. British uniformed youth groups. Archive research. Social and cultural history. Shell-shock in the First World War. British class divide.
Imelda Bargas Imelda Bargas Wellington heritage
Brian Bargh Brian Bargh Wellington Maori, publishing
Eileen Barrett-... Eileen Barrett-Whitehead Wellington Māori, Treaty
Michael Bassett Michael Bassett Auckland politics, political biography
Grace Bateman Grace Bateman Otago Oral history; Social and Cultural history of 20th century New Zealand, histories of Childhood; Music; Religion; Spirituality; Literature; Otago; Dunedin
Diana Beaglehole Diana Beaglehole Wellington biography, business, heritage, Wanganui
Ann Beaglehole Ann Beaglehole Wellington immigration, ethnic (Jews)
Louise Beaumont Louise Beaumont Hawkes Bay New Zealand heritage landscapes, cultural landscapes
Karen Beker Karen Beker Canterbury community, oral, heritage
Jamie Bell Jamie Bell Wellington Social history, natural history, sports history.
Julie Benjamin Julie Benjamin Auckland Archives, Film, Photography, Women
R Bester R Bester Auckland New Zealand History, Public History, Oral History.
Joanna Boileau Joanna Boileau Auckland Multicultural and immigration history, in particular Chinese; environmental history; indigenous history
Toby Boraman Toby Boraman Wellington
Julia Bradshaw Julia Bradshaw West Coast goldfields, women, Chinese, West Coast
Michael Brown Michael Brown Wellington New Zealand music history, folklore, labour, cultural history, Maori performing arts
Jo Bunce Jo Bunce Wellington New Zealand, 1840-1900
Sarah Burgess Sarah Burgess Wellington Gender, British Empire, society and culture
Robyn Burgess Robyn Burgess Canterbury Historic buildings survey, cemeteries, war memorials, mills, earthquake damage and repair
Karen Cameron Karen Cameron Nelson
Carolyn Cameron Carolyn Cameron Auckland Parnell, Auckland
Lloyd Carpenter Lloyd Carpenter Canterbury New Zealand Gold Rush History, Mining technology, especially water races, Wine & Culinary History, Maori & Colonial History
Paul Christoffel Paul Christoffel Wellington alcohol, gambling, housing, referendums
Miriam Clark Miriam Clark Nelson Women, Treaty of Waitangi, Organisations, Buildings
Alison Clarke Alison Clarke Otago Colonial social, religious, holidays, health, tertiary education history
Peter Clayworth Peter Clayworth Wellington Maori history, labour, race relations, science, conservation
Sandra Cleary Sandra Cleary Otago Colonial immigration stories and the early Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods., Current research is on "The Paupers of the Northern Cemetery from 1873 to 1915."
Jenny Collins Jenny Collins Auckland Women's academic and professional lives; history of Catholic education
David Colquhoun David Colquhoun Wellington Early Maori-Pakeha interactions, Wellington, sport, cultural history between the wars, and the history of archives keeping
Janine Cook Janine Cook Wellington natural history, agriculture, photography, image research, mental health/health systems, heritage
Peter Cooke Peter DF Cooke Wellington NZ defence, industrial, institutional, heritage, Mt Cook
Elizabeth Cox Elizabeth Cox Wellington I specialise in architectural and social history, and work with a range of conservation architects, particularly on conservation plans. I also specialise in heritage policy. I am also currently completing a major oral history project, and have a specialism in women's history.
Georgie Craw Georgie Craw Wellington Maori history, transnational history, 19th century New Zealand history, local history, documentary film making
John Crawford John Crawford Wellington military
Norman Crawshaw Norman Crawshaw West Coast Buller and West Coast region, Sport, Mining
Bronwyn Dalley Bronwyn Dalley Northland welfare, culture, crime, public uses of history, reenactment
Bee Dawson Bee Dawson Wellington Air Force, social, gardening, women's
Jewel Dell Jewel Dell Auckland local, agriculture, arts
Mark Derby Mark Derby Wellington labour, Treaty, cultural history
Paul Diamond Paul Diamond Wellington Oral History, Biography, Maori History, Public History
Ian Dougherty Ian Dougherty Otago Biography, Social History, Dunedin, Otago, Southland
Tony Dreaver Anthony Dreaver Wellington Kapiti, Horowhenua, Wellington
Deborah Dunsford Deborah Dunsford Auckland medicine, public health, Auckland local history, 20th social history
Brian Easton Brian Easton Wellington economics, statistics, public policy
Rachael Egerton Rachael Egerton Southland Heritage Management, Conservation and Research, Department of Conservation
Katrina Ford Katrina Ford Auckland History of medicine, public health, imperial science, agricultural science, food.