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Heritage parks, gardens and historic cultural landscapes
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I am an independent and experienced landscape heritage consultant with over 30 years of experience of field research - interpreting physical places, boundaries and garden elements - and assessing public archives and records and report writing.

Heritage landscape assessments commissioned have included 19th century parks to mid-century modernism landscapes - cemeteries, urban parks, agricultural, tourist sites, urban places, gardens and trees.


Publications and Research

Adam, John P. 2012. Attitude Changes. Some Ways and Means. Landscape New ZealandAGM Publishers. ISSN: 1176-2329

Adam, John P. 2012.  A field guide to the Auckland Domain. Journal of Parnell Heritage Inc.. December. Pp. 20-24.

Adam, John P. 2013. Otahuhu and Mangere Historic Area Assessment Background Report [63p.and History and Site Visit Assessment Sheets for 32 Parks and Reserves. For Auckland City project managed by Matthews & Matthews Architects Ltd, Auckland.

Adam, John P. 2013. Howden House garden report. Project managed by Matthews & Matthews Architects Ltd, Auckland for Mead Family, Waiuku.

Adam, John. 2013. Networks for Nature. Bookends Cook to Cockayne. Summary and Bibliography. Literature Search. For Dr James Beattie, Waikato University. 50p.

Adam, John P. 2013. Symonds Street Cemeteries. Vegetation Stocktake Report. For Auckland City Council. 123p

Adam, John P. 2013. Whare Tane Garden Report and Conservation Plan. For Kay Wooffe, Auckland. 124p.

Adam, John P. 2013. Centre Field. A Case for Visualising the Fabric of the New Zealand Garden. New Zealand Garden Journal . Vol. 16. No 2. pp.23-27.

Adam, John. P.  2013. ‘Plants by Palmers’ A scoping report on ‘Tropicana,’ home of the Subritzky family of Lynfield.  November. 12p. Written for Puketapa Historical Society.

Adam, John P. 2014. Endangered Gardens. A practitioners guide to New Zealand Garden History Literature. Power Point presentation to Gardens at the Frontier: New perspectives on Garden History Symposium, Waikato University, 29-31 January, 2014.

Adam, John P. 2014. Erskine College, Island Bay, Report & Survey. For Archifact – Architecture and Conservation Ltd. 66p.

Adam, John P. 2014. Background Report to PowerPoint Presentation on land history of Khyber Pass (Suburban Section 3), Allotments 31 to 39. For Property Services, University of Auckland. August. 37p.

Adam, John P. 2014. Domain depot nursery. Auckland Domain history of site and structures. For Opus New Zealand International Consultants Limited. Unpublished. October. 97p.

Adam, John. P. 2014. New Zealand Government Gardens and their Gardeners, 1840-1863. New Zealand Legacy. Vol. 26 No 2. Pp.15-18.

Adam, John P. 2014. Meet the Goldie’s. William Goldie the garden designer of Ranfurly Home grounds (1903-1905). Puketepapa Historical Society Newsletter. Issue 1. Vol. 3. February.

Adam, John P. 2014. The story of the California connections of Hart, Polack and Stevenson Family. Puketepapa Historical Society Newsletter. Issue 3. Vol. 3. June.

Adam, John P. 2014. Rev. JH Simmonds (1845-1936) and Francis Fisher (1797-1882). Puketepapa Historical Society Newsletter. Issue 4. Vol. 3. August.

Adam, John. 2014. Review of two women gardeners; Maria Atkinson and Maria King. For Dr James Beattie, Waikato University. 34p.

Adam, John. P. 2015. Whanganui’s ‘Persons of Interest’ and there legacy of tree cultivation, 1845-1945.  PowerPoint presentation to Whanganui Botanical Society, 5 May.

Adam, John. P. 2015. The Three Kings Report. For Auckland City. 162p.

Adam, John. P. 2015. Hounslow House Gardens and Ex Carlton Bowling Club walls, Epsom, Auckland. July. For Carter Atmore Law, Auckland. 67p.

Adam, John P. 2015. An Ecological Historiography of the Auckland Domain Ti-tree grove 1860-1930. For New Zealand Plant Conservation Network. [In press].

Adam, John P. & Bradbury, Matthew. 2015. Modern Primitive - The history of two iconic tourist Gold Coast landscapes. For 13th Australasian Urban History/Planning History Conference (UHPH) Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland [In press].

Adam, John P. 2015. New Zealand modernist landscape architects and garden designers. For ICOMOS New Zealand seminar. [In press]

Adam, John P. 2015. Whanganui Persons of interest. The Burnett’s and Francis Williamson’s. Private research. July. 42p.

Pishief, E. Dr & Adam, John. 2015. Te Tātua a Riukiuta. Three Kings Heritage Study 2015. For: Puketapapa Local Board. Auckland Council. 173p.

Adam, John P. 2015. New Zealand Global Garden History Links. Third Draft.  October 1st 2015.17p.



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